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Chagu-chagu-umako 〈Michinoku-kobo〉 Iwate

Chagu-chagu-umako is a festival where around 100 horses march in June every year, featuring brilliant ornaments and many bells on the horses. It is said that the name “Chagu-chagu” was taken after the sound the bells make when the horses march. Also, Iwate has been long known as a breeding place for great horses.

(no title) 〈oguraya〉 tottori

Kujira-guruma (Car of the Whale) 〈Tosa-mingei-sha〉 Kochi

Tosa used to be the center of whaling in the past. “Kujira-guruma” (Car of the Whale) was originally a souvenir made by fishermen on the way back from whaling for their wives and children at home, and it was not a merchandise like it is now. Apparently, it had been regarded as a toy made by fishermen for children until 100 years ago.