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Umakko 〈Elderly ladies in Tono, Iwate〉 Iwate

A straw craft used in a festival called “Umakko-tsunagi”.
It is one of the customs to pray for a huge harvest and good health, and it is said that they place the god of farmers on the horse. These products have been made by elderly ladies in Tono, Iwate.

Fan 〈Isetatsu〉 Tokyo

Koinobori (Carp Streamer) 〈Keizyusha〉 Toyama

Washi paper used for this Koinobori is so strong, bags for medicine salesmen in Toyama used to be made out of it, and is suitable more for crafting rather than for writing. The washi paper is dyed in the same stencil-dyeing method as kimono and obi. Once the paper is dry after the dying process, the paper is washed in water; so it is water resistant and can be displayed outside.

Miyajima Hariko 〈Miyajima folk art workshop〉

Miyajima-hariko is bright colors and unique decorative pattern is characterized.

Kosen-ningyo 〈Tosa-mingeisha〉 Kochi

Kosen-ningyo was first created by Kosen Yamamoto from Kochi, and the doll is named after her. Kosen was a Japanese-style painter, and also created a variety of folk toys strongly unlike a lady. After passed down to the second and third generations, her toys are now reproduced by Tosa-mingeisha following in her footsteps.

Nogomi-ningyo 〈Nogomi-ningyo-kobo〉 Saga

Nogomi-ningyo was born in a historically profound place facing the Ariake Sea in Saga, Kyushu, in 1945. The rustic sound of these clay bells make is considered to be an incantation to get rid of evil spirits and to bring in good luck.